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Relevant Presentations

  • Conference Presentation: Computational Structures Technology 2018 Barcelona Sitges
  • Conference Presentation: Applied Mathematics Conference 2016 Győr
  • Habilitation Presentation: 2017 Pécs (in Hungarian)
  • Seminar Presentation at BME Diff. Egy. Department
  • Conference Presentations from the last decade.

    Lectures presentations

  • The Presentations of the lectures in Technical Informatics I
  • Scientific dissemination

    Students' works

  • Ybl Stairs
  • Students' works
  • ERASMUS Students' works

    Organized Conferences and Workshops

  • Organized Conferences: Conferencies "KöMaL Ifjúsági Ankét" from 2001-2014, and "GEOGRA 2012"and its previous workshops

    A degenerated mechanism